California Earthquake Insurance

Customize an instant quote for your home. Choose your deductible and a convenient payment plan to see how affordable earthquake insurance is. 

Do I need earthquake insurance in California?

California experiences the most earthquakes in the United States and has the highest amount of property damage due to earthquakes. In fact, an earthquake strikes in California every three minutes. While the majority of these quakes cause little or no damage, it only takes one large quake to cause catastrophic loss to your home and neighborhood. Additionally, the closer your home is to a fault, the higher your risk. Given that there are more than 500 known active faults in California, it is clear that most people in California live near an active fault.

Recent Significant California Earthquakes

See all recent significant earthquakes at USGS.


January 12
Anza, CA


January 5
Deep Springs, CA


December 20
Petrolia, CA


December 12
Petrolia, CA

Earthquake Hazard Map
2014 USGS Earthquake Hazard Map

When you own a home in an earthquake hazard zone, consider how earthquake insurance can protect your financial security. You’ll want GeoVera on your side when the next earthquake strikes.

your California earthquake risk

Is earthquake insurance worth it in California?

While no one can predict when and where the next big earthquake will strike, you can protect your financial security now with earthquake insurance.

To clarify, there are several factors to consider when determining if earthquake insurance is worth it for you.

First, do you own a home in an area prone to seismic activity?

Second, can you afford to rebuild without earthquake insurance?

Next, can you afford to replace your contents and personal property?

If your home and neighborhood are uninhabitable, could you manage to find a safe place to live?

Above all, do you want to risk losing your hard-earned equity in an instant?

How much does earthquake insurance cost?

Earthquake insurance in California can, on average, cost between $1,000 to $2,500 annually for $500,000 of coverage.
However, you can customize your earthquake insurance quote to tailor a policy just for you. If you would like to lower your cost, try increasing your deductible or your coverage limits. 

Earthquake Insurance Benefits

What does earthquake insurance cover?

Your homeowners insurance policy does not provide coverage for earthquake damage. With this in mind, we have created a stand-alone earthquake insurance policy to help California homeowners get the earthquake coverage they need.

Typically, a traditional California earthquake policy will provide coverage for your home and other structures, personal property, personal liability, loss of use, and building code upgrade. Some policies may also include sub-limits for swimming pool and chimney coverage. Of course, if you’re needing a cost-effective solution, a limited coverage option may be the most affordable earthquake insurance policy.

Some earthquake insurance carriers, such as the California Earthquake Authority, require you to have a homeowners insurance policy with one of their providers. Unlike one of these providers, you can customize and purchase your GeoVera earthquake insurance policy today regardless of who your homeowners insurance provider is. 

To see the coverages and limits available for your home, create a custom quote now. All you need is your address and the dwelling coverage limit from your current homeowners insurance policy to get an instant earthquake insurance quote.

Your Dwelling

Residential earthquake insurance covers the structure and attached features of your home.

Your Other Structures

Other Structures are the external structures not attached to your home, like a detached garage or fence.

Your Contents

This coverage protects your personal belongings inside of your home.

Personal Liability

If you are held legally responsible for bodily injury claims or property damage sustained by others, this coverage will help you pay for those damages.

Loss of Use

We cover your additional living expenses, like housing, if your home is uninhabitable after an earthquake.

Building Code Upgrade

We offer coverage for the building code upgrades you need to get a reconstruction permit when rebuilding after an earthquake.

How do I get an earthquake insurance quote?

Customize your policy and find your price in an instant.
All we need is your address and your dwelling coverage limit amount from your homeowners insurance policy.

California Earthquake insurance rates

How is California earthquake insurance rate calculated?

In general, your earthquake insurance rate is based on your Homeowners Coverage A Dwelling limit for most California homes. Sometimes, a third-party expert calculates your home’s replacement cost estimate. More factors that determine your price are:

  • The age, size, and location of your home.
  • Your home’s foundation type.
  • The construction materials used in your home.
  • The deductible and limits you choose.
California Earthquake deductibles

How does the earthquake insurance deductible work?

GeoVera offers California earthquake insurance with a broad range of deductibles. The deductible is the amount that will be subtracted from your payout when you have a claim for earthquake damage. The deductible you choose is calculated based on a percentage of your home’s insured value.

Earthquake deductibles in California start as low as 2.5% and go as high as 25%!

You can choose a lower deductible to save on earthquake insurance when it matters most, or you can choose a higher deductible so earthquake insurance does not have to be outside your budget.

California Earthquake Insurance Loss Scenario:


Dwelling Coverage


Covered Dwelling Loss




Your Responsibility


Claim Payout

In this scenario, you have a total covered loss of $500k with a 10% deductible. That means you are responsible for $50k, and your claim will pay $450k. On the positive side, you do not have to pay your deductible upfront in order to receive your claim payout. Get an instant quote to view the earthquake deductible options for your property.

We have the best earthquake insurance in California

Flex Limits EQ
2.5% - 25%


Our most flexible earthquake policy with affordable rates

Dwelling limit up to $3.5M

Flexible limit options

Swimming pool coverage

6 pay, 3 pay & full pay plans

Retrofit discount

Auto Pay discount

Underwritten by Homesite Insurance Company of California

Rated "A" (Excellent) by A.M. Best Company

Flex Limits EQ
Single Limit EQ
10% - 25%


A robust policy with one single limit that covers everything

Single limit up to $5M

Full and limited coverage options

Includes demand surge

Monthly, 3, & full pay plans

Retrofit discount

Auto Pay discount

Underwritten by GeoVera Insurance Company

Rated "A" (Excellent) by A.M. Best Company

Single Limit EQ
Split Limit EQ
5% - 15%


Classic split limit policy with multiple limits

Dwelling limit up to $1.9M

Full and Limited coverage options

Includes demand surge

Monthly, 3, & full pay plans

Retrofit discount

Auto Pay Discount

Underwritten by Coastal Select Insurance Company

Rated "A" (Excellent) by A.M. Best Company

Split Limit EQ
how to purchase earthquake insurance

Where can i buy
earthquake insurance?

You have several options to purchase earthquake insurance in California:

  1. You can purchase a stand alone earthquake insurance policy from the earthquake insurance experts at GeoVera.
  2. You can purchase earthquake coverage from your current homeowners provider if they are a partner of the California Earthquake Authority.
  3. Or, you can ask your insurance agent if they have access to other top-rated stand-alone earthquake insurance providers. 

Why Choose GeoVera?

We have the most affordable earthquake rates in California

We have the lowest deductible option available in California at 2.5%

Our expert in-house claims team is specialized in managing large catastrophic events.

GeoVera Insurance is rated "A" Excellent by A.M. Best Company

Earthquake insurance is the stability you need in shaky times.

It is time to consider how earthquake insurance will provide the protection you don’t get from your Homeowners insurance policy. Learn more about your risk in CaliforniaOregon, & Washington.