Who We Are

Our people are experts in delivering targeted insurance solutions that help our customers rebuild after nature’s worst disasters.

Fairfield, CA
Rolling hills of Fairfield, CA

Headquartered in Fairfield, California, GeoVera Insurance Group provides innovative insurance solutions in catastrophe exposed areas, and is the leading provider of residential earthquake insurance.

To keep pace with the rise in natural disasters, GeoVera uses a strategic and agile approach to developing products that are both impactful and reliable.

GeoVera has decades of experience managing claims for nature’s worst catastrophes, and a financial rating of “A” (Excellent) by A.M. Best Company. As the only A rated company to offer earthquake insurance online direct to homeowners, GeoVera is known for providing remarkable digital experiences in the insurance industry. 

We are passionate

We design our insurance products to help restore your quality of life as quickly as possible.

We are experienced

With decades of experience managing claims for nature's worst catastrophes, you'll want GeoVera on your side when disaster strikes.

We are focused

No matter what we are working on at GeoVera, we are always focused on striving for the ultimate customer satisfaction.

GeoVera's Pyramid of Success

After decades of experience managing large catastrophic events, we have defined the exact 27 traits we strive for each and every day to reach personal and corporate greatness in order to provide the ultimate customer satisfaction.

GeoVera pyramid of success

Success is when a group of people, bound together by a common purpose, achieve their full individual and collective potential. 

We know that without our employees’ hard work and dedication, GeoVera couldn’t reach the standards of excellence set before us. Taken from John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success, we have embued our company culture with the tenants of success that begin with a foundation of passion, teamwork, humility, trust, and perseverance. We can work together upon these building blocks to realize individual and collective potential as we strive for our common purpose: personal and corporate greatness while helping those beset by catastrophic loss and adversity.

Our History


  • May 2021: GeoVera partners with Homesite Insurance Company of California to launch a new flexible earthquake product in California.
  • April 2021: A.M. Best reaffirms “A” (Excellent) rating for GeoVera Insurance Group of companies.
  • November 2020: GeoVera appoints Deepak Menon as new Chief Operating Officer.
  • July 2020: GeoVera appoints John Forney as new Chief Executive Officer.
  • 2019: GeoVera launches QuakeInsurance.com to make earthquake insurance available to all homeowners in California, Oregon & Washington.
  • 2018: GeoVera Advantage launches Hiscox FloodPlus product in AL, FL, LA, SC, TX
  • 2015: GeoVera Holdings, Inc. was named as one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s Best & Brightest companies to work for. 
  • 2014: A 6.1 magnitude earthquake strikes the Napa, California region, which is close to GeoVera’s office headquarters and affecting many GeoVera policyholders. The GeoVera claims unit immediately responds to affected customers.
  • 2012: GeoVera Holdings, Inc. is acquired from Friedman Fletcher & Lowe, LLC. and Hellman & Friedman, LLC. by Flexpoint Ford, LLC., a private equity firm focused on the financial services and healthcare sectors.
  • 2011: A.M. Best Company upgrades rating for GeoVera Insurance Company from “A-” Excellent to “A” Excellent.
  • 2010: GeoVera Specialty introduces Wind Only residential insurance in AL, FL, LA, NC, SC, TX
  • 2006: GeoVera launches Residential Earthquake program in Oregon.
  • 2005: GeoVera becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of GeoVera Holdings, Inc. and is acquired from St. Paul Travelers by Friedman Fleischer & Lowe, LLC (“FFL) and Hellman & Friedman LLC (“H&F”), leading San Francisco-based equity firms.
  • 2003: GeoVera’s parent company, The St. Paul, merges with Travelers, becoming a member of the St. Paul Travelers companies.
  • 2001: GeoVera launches Residential Earthquake Program in Washington state.
  • 1999: GeoVera’s parent company, USF&G Specialty Insurance Company, is purchased by The St. Paul, and becomes a member of The St. Paul Companies.
  • 1997: GeoVera is granted an admitted Certificate of Authority from the California Department of Insurance as GeoVera Insurance Company and quickly becomes the largest private residential earthquake insurance provider in California.