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California's Overdue Earthquake

California’s Overdue Earthquake: The Looming Threat of the Big One

The Unpredictable Big One California, known for its landscapes and vibrant cities, has been facing an imminent danger looming for centuries—a massive earthquake. The San Andreas Fault, which runs alongside Los Angeles, is considered long overdue for a significant seismic event. Despite efforts to improve earthquake prediction, the threat remains unpredictable, leaving millions of Californians […]


Hurricane Prepare

Preparing Your Home for Hurricane Season

A Comprehensive Guide for Florida Homeowners The official hurricane season for the Atlantic basin runs from June 1 to November 30, but storms can sometimes form outside of these dates. Let’s prepare accordingly. Living in Florida comes with its unique set of challenges, especially when it comes to hurricane season. With a history marked by […]


Protecting those closest to you

Protecting those Closest to You

Why everyone should have earthquake insurance Selling earthquake insurance to friends, neighbors, and family is a unique opportunity and one that you should put on the top of your prospecting activity list. Everyone hopes they won’t need the policy but will be happy they have one if the need arises. The key to successfully selling […]


Earthquake Insurance Claims

Earthquake Insurance Claims

GeoVera’s Transparent and Efficient Process In the wake of an earthquake, the road to recovery can be challenging. Earthquake insurance serves as a critical safety net, providing financial relief and support. Understanding the process of filing and handling earthquake insurance claims is essential for a smooth and efficient resolution. Here, we outline the steps involved […]


Earthquake Map California

The new EQ map from USGS

Unveiling the Growing Risk of Natural Disasters We hear regularly about the rise in natural disaster risk across the globe. From volcanoes in Iceland to wildfire in Hawaii and Hurricanes in the Caribbean, more people live in areas targeted by Mother Nature than ever. Just last month, the USGS released its updated National Seismic Hazard […]


Preparing Your Home

Preparing your Home for an Earthquake: 6 Essential Tips

Preparing Your Home and Property for an Earthquake: 6 Essential Tips Living in an area prone to earthquakes demands more than just casual awareness; it requires proactive steps to ensure the safety of your home and family. Earthquakes strike without warning, turning everyday objects into potential hazards. By taking some straightforward yet critical measures, you […]


Northridge, CA Earthquake Anniversary Post

Lessons Learned from the Northridge Earthquake

A Reflection on Preparedness and Resilience January 17, 2024, marks the thirtieth anniversary of one of the most notable natural disasters in the United States. On this day in 1994, the Northridge earthquake, a magnitude 6.7 tremor, struck the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles. The quake caused widespread destruction, claimed lives, and left […]


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