Shielding your investment property from earthquakes

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Don't let your empire crumble in a California earthquake.

How many eggs do have in one basket?

California is known for high real estate prices coupled with insanely high rental demand. This can put California property investors in a unique position to quickly grow equity while profiting from high rental rates.

California is also notorious for experiencing the most property damage due to earthquakes.

Are you invested in multiple properties in a large populated area near a fault that is known to be at risk of severe rupture?

If your residential real estate portfolio is condensed in a specific area of California, your risk of total loss is even greater.

Your Landlord insurance policies do not provide coverage for earthquake damage.

The state of California requires your insurance company to offer earthquake coverage to every homeowner every 2 years. But you are not required to purchase it, and most likely this coverage is not suited for your needs as a property investor.

This is why a stand alone residential earthquake insurance policy for each of your investment properties in California is essential to protect your investments. 

GeoVera Insurance is a private, “A” (Excellent) rated insurance provider by A.M. Best, and we are the premier provider of California earthquake insurance.

Our Flexible Limits Earthquake Insurance Policy is a unique and affordable solution for landlords and property investors in California. This earthquake policy is available for 1-4 unit dwellings, offers a dwelling limit up to $3.5M, and a broad selection of deductibles, from 2.5% to 25%. 

Coverage for Other Structures, Contents, Personal Liability and Loss of Use are optional. Swimming pool coverage is included and masonry veneer is accepted.

How do I get earthquake insurance for my investment properties?

Talk to your insurance agent, or visit to get an instant quote and purchase an earthquake insurance policy online in minutes. 

To get a quote on our website, you only need to enter the property address and the Dwelling amount from your current Landlord or Homeowners policy to get an earthquake quote.

You can also call GeoVera at 1-800-324-6020 to speak to a licensed insurance agent who can quote your investment properties for you quickly.