How close are you to the most dangerous earthquake fault in the country?

HayWired. How close are you to the most dangerous earthquake fault in the country?
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If you live in Richmond, El Cerrito, Berkeley, Oakland, San Leandro, Castro Valley, Hayward, Union City, Fremont, or San Jose, then you are among the nearly 3 million people that live directly on top of the unpredictable Hayward Fault.

We all know California is infamous for its earthquakes, but many people who live, work, and travel along this very fault don’t realize that the Hayward Fault is one of the most urbanized and therefore one of the most dangerous earthquake faults in the United States. 

Millions of people cross this fault daily without any awareness of how an eruption will one day disrupt life in the Bay as we know it. 

The HayWired Earthquake Scenario

Have you considered what a massive earthquake could do to California’s most populated areas? That’s what the HayWired Coalition did, led by the USGS, and the results are chilling.

Watch The HayWired Scenario movie.

The study is called the HayWired Scenario, aptly named for the Hayward Fault that runs right through the highly populated San Francisco Bay Area.

Up to 152,000 households are displaced in the main shock

Here is the scenario: a magnitude-7.0 earthquake erupts in Oakland. Violent ground shaking and damage will occur in the San Francisco East Bay region, from Richmond to Fremont.

The shocks ripple through the greater Bay Area and instantly disrupt vital communications and destroy infrastructure in minutes.

The HayWired scenario estimates 800 deaths and 18,000 nonfatal injuries from building and structural damage caused by ground shaking in the main shock.

The aftershocks will wreak havoc on unstable communities

The HayWired Scenario found that aftershocks and after slip are some of the most significant threats that such a large earthquake would cause. After slip is movement of the fault after the initial earthquake because of aftershocks.

Total damage would be at least $80 billion. Residents that remain would be without water and vital services for potentially six weeks or more.

The message is clear–a major earthquake in such a sprawling urban area, so reliant upon connected infrastructure and networks, would be unthinkably disastrous. Which is why it is considered the most dangerous earthquake fault.

Are we doomed?

The truth is, an earthquake is overdue for the Hayward Fault since the last one was more than one hundred years ago.

Since the previous quake, society has continued growing and building on top of this seemingly dormant threat. No mistake about it, though: an earthquake will happen. That much we know.

Thanks to the HayWired Scenario and the experts behind it, we have an idea of just what kind of threat an earthquake would pose.

How can we outsmart disaster?

What can you do to prepare for an event, that you can’t see coming, and that could disrupt entire communities for weeks causing costly damage?

The answer is in the planning. Our people at GeoVera are passionate about helping the communities we serve prepare and plan for disasters.

We deliver on our promise to help those same communities recover when the unthinkable becomes real. If there’s anything we can learn from the HayWired Scenario, we can’t stop the disaster, but we can have a plan to recover from it.

How can I protect my finances?

When it comes to the devastating loss of your home equity and the lasting earthquake damage not covered by your homeowners insurance policy, an earthquake insurance policy is your best plan for recovering and moving on with your life with as little heartbreak as possible.

With an earthquake insurance policy, you could have your home covered for earthquake damage, and then you could even add on extra coverages for things like living expenses while displaced from your home.

Best earthquake insurance California

There are so many competitive, powerful, and affordable California earthquake insurance options available today. While you can get your earthquake safety materials together, make sure you prepare your bank account for an earthquake to strike your community…and your home equity.

To learn more, contact your homeowners insurance agent, or visit GeoVera to get an instant earthquake insurance quote and purchase an earthquake insurance policy in minutes.

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