GeoVera transforms California’s Residential Earthquake Insurance Market

GeoVera's earthquake insurance

Most homeowners in California lack earthquake insurance coverage, even though California is ranked among the highest in the nation for being at risk of experiencing severe earthquake damage.

So, why don’t more homeowners purchase this crucial coverage in California?

It comes down to price and flexibility. Traditional earthquake insurance premiums are high, and coverage options can be limited. After a high deductible, does a policy really make sense?

GeoVera, the earthquake insurance experts, is transforming the way California homeowners view earthquake insurance.

GeoVera partnered with Homesite Insurance Company of California to bring California homeowners a new earthquake insurance policy with flexible coverage limits, a broad range of deductibles, and California’s lowest rates.

With GeoVera’s new earthquake insurance policy, California homeowners no longer need to risk their financial security while living in a high risk area.

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